Porcelain Crowns And Bridges & Restorations

At East Beach Smiles, we implement the latest technology in CAD/CAM design and 3-D milling to restore teeth that have become damaged from a variety of causes. East Beach Smiles Doctors has been working with the CEREC system since the early 2000’s and uses some of the most advanced techniques available. 

Comparatively, other practices employ an antiquated process that takes up to two weeks and includes several office visits and temporary crowns before the final crown is placed. Come and take advantage of our technology and expertise that produces fast, permanent results.

East Beach Smiles Doctors is also skilled in more complex restorative procedures, and he will customize a solution for each patient. We can construct partial or full dentures that will fit comfortably and support your lips for a natural look. East Beach Smiles team will take care of you, from designing the restoration plan to helping you file for insurance and obtain financing when needed.