Oral Surgery or Teeth Extractions Norfolk

Our team at East Beach Smiles at Norfolk is here to make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible; we encourage and remind our patients that proper oral hygiene is essential to a healthy mouth because the loss of a single tooth can have a great impact on the function of the teeth and your total overall appearance.

East Beach Smiles Doctors and their team will do everything possible to help you prevent tooth loss. However, there may be times when a tooth is severely decayed, abscessed or you have an infection and the extraction is unavoidable. Each patient is different and the care you receive will be tailored to your dental needs.

For example, a tooth may need to be removed and replaced with a dental implant and bone graft. Or the tooth may be extracted and adjacent teeth moved orthodontically to take the space and realign the jaw. Wisdom teeth are often removed to help prevent malpositioning of the existing teeth due to limited space and no room for growth.

There are several surgical procedures performed in our offices such as crown lengthening, ridge and sinus augmentation, bone grafts and dental implant placement. A crown lengthening procedure is simple and quickly performed by both soft and hard tissue lasers used to reshape your bone exposing more tooth structure needed to provide more space for a crown.

Sinus lifts, bone grafts, and ridge augmentations are done to restore or add bone to an area where teeth have been removed in the past and the bone has begun to shrink or resorb. Often times these procedures are needed to allow adequate space for dental implants.

We like for our patients to be well informed and understand you may have questions, following any surgical procedure there may be discomfort and we will provide you with medication for recovery. Slight discomfort is to be expected and should get better over a course of 7 to 10 days. In the event that you have any concerns, swelling, prolonged discomfort or bleeding you are always welcome to contact our office immediately 757-362-0600.