Cosmetic Services

Having a healthy smile is crucial not only for your overall well-being, but also for a positive self-identity. Let’s face it: you feel better about yourself when the image in your mirror reflects an attractive smile. This creates self-confidence that projects to everyone else around you. Studies have shown that having a beautiful smile will also increase your chances of success in career opportunities and life in general.

Too often, however, people give up on their teeth, thinking that their situation is too difficult to manage, too expensive, or both.

With today’s modern technology, It’s been never easier to obtain an affordable, beautiful smile! From simple problems like stained teeth to the more difficult issues like missing, gapped or misshapen teeth, East Beach Smiles can take care of it all — often in one easy visit! Our cosmetic services range from simple whitenings all the way through reshaping teeth with veneers and firming the mouth with fillers like Botox. The options are unlimited and affordable, and consultations are always free.

Actual Patient of East Beach Smiles:

The patient wanted a complete makeover because of discolored old fillings and misshaped teeth. We performed in-office whitening (using ZOOM AP-45 mins session) and placed 6 metal free porcelain crowns.

Actual Patient of East Beach Smiles:

This patient was unhappy with the space between his teeth and the color of his teeth. We created and placed 6 veneers to permanently correct both problems.

Actual Patient of East Beach Smiles:

This patient had old, discolored fillings on his front teeth but was concerned about the cost of correcting them. We provided a “Take Home” whitening treatment for 8 days and crafted four veneers, creating dramatic results at a reduced cost.